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Affordable Septic Tank Maintenance in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Surrounding Areas

A durable and defect-free septic tank is essential for proper solid waste disposal at your home. At Bio-Bob's Septic Service, we cannot stress enough the importance of regular septic tank maintenance. Our septic technicians provide tank services that ensure proper household waste disposal and a long lifespan for the device.

septic truck across the snow filled lawn


Save on preventing septic system disasters with our affordable septic tank inspection in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding areas. We will pump your septic tank to remove any sludge build-up, inspect the inlet and outlet baffles, and check on the condition of your tank itself. We will also inspect your weeping bed for noticeable problems. Finally, we will inform you how often your tank and system should be pumped and inspected and schedule the next pumping. During our work, if we find that your tank is damaged, we also offer affordable septic tank replacements and weeping bed repairs.


A septic system is an on-site treatment and disposal system buried in the ground that consists of a tank and soil absorption area. The purpose of the septic tank is to receive household wastes such as laundry, bathwater, body wastes, etc. Solids settle to the bottom while grease and soaps rise to the top.


Bacterial action decomposes part of the solids and grease as the liquid passes into a leaching system. Inorganic and hard-to-decompose material remains and gradually fills the tank until the solids pass through and plug the leaching system. With routine cleaning, septic tank maintenance, and being careful of what goes into your septic system, it can last for many years.

You can prevent problems by never disposing of the following in your septic system:



Caustic drain cleaners




Feminine products

Baby wipes even if labeled septic safe

view of a pipe inserted into a septic tank


Solid material overflowing into the absorption area, or weeping field, should be avoided at all costs. When solids overflow, they clog the soil pores and cause septic systems to fail. Bacterial deficiency and lack of sludge removal can cause this and could result in an overflow.


For a septic tank to work correctly, bacteria must be active. Bacteria are present in many household wastes, but many home care products, such as toilet cleaners, detergents, and bleach, can destroy them. We have found that Bio-Clean® is a great product to use as a supplement because it contains millions of helpful bacteria necessary for the health of your septic system.

Contact us for services that optimize your home's septic system and extend its life. We proudly serve Kitchener and surrounding areas.

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