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Frequently Asked Questions About Septic Services

At Bio-Bob's Septic Service of Kitchener, Ontario, we are always here to answer your questions about septic tank pumping, cleaning, and more. Let's answer some frequently asked questions right now.

  • Does Bio-Clean Digest Hair?
    Bio-Clean does digest hair, but it takes longer than other organic materials. One way Bio-Clean overcomes this problem is by removing other organic wastes blocking the pipe, helping the hair particles wash downstream.
  • Can Bio-Clean Stop Odours?
    Often, the source of odours in your drain results from the organic waste biodegrading in there. With the help of Bio-Clean, you can tackle those organics, solving the issue of odours.
  • Will It Work on a Clog?
    While Bio-Clean helps you remove organic waste, often these wastes aren't the sole cause of the clog. In most cases, stoppage in the pipe is caused by the presence of sludge. The enzymes and the bacteria in Bio-Clean will take several days to eat through it completely. Thus, it is suggested that you use a mechanical cable to first restore the flow. Once that is done, Bio-Clean can help you remove any waste. Regular maintenance treatments are recommended to avoid new build-up.
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