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Harness Helpful Bacteria with Bio-Clean Treatments in Kitchener, ON

In the vast experience of Bio-Bob's Septic Excavating & Pumping Services, one of the best products to provide additional natural bacteria to help breakdown waste in septic tanks is Bio-Clean. Using these convenient bio-clean treatments in Kitchener, ON, our clients have gone longer between septic system maintenance and preserved the life of their systems.

Solution for Bio-Clean Treatments - Kitchener, ON

What Is Bio-Clean?

A complete blend of natural bacteria and enzymes that digest organic materials, Bio-Clean is one of the most powerful products to assist with the process of breaking down components of waste. The product will leave just water, carbon dioxide, and mineral ash.
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Why Is It Important?

The main cause of weeping field failure is having solids in the distribution lines. The bacteria and enzymes in Bio-Clean digest excess solids in the septic tank and breaks them down before they can enter the weeping field, reducing the risk of failure.

Multifaceted Product

Another benefit of Bio-Clean is that by digesting waste, it reduces odour problems as digested waste does not emit foul smells. Additionally, it can be used in multiple septic tanks. Use it at the cottage, in your RV holding tank, or the outhouse.


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