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Frequently Asked Questions

At Bio-Bob's Septic Excavating & Pumping Services of Kitchener, Ontario, we are always here to answer your questions related to septic tank pumping, cleaning, and more. Let's answer some frequently asked questions right now.

Why Should I Have My Septic Tank Pumped Out?

Ongoing maintenance of your septic system will keep it at its optimal level. It will prevent problems such as slow draining sinks and toilets, and septic backup into your home. Regular maintenance will also prevent serious problems that could potentially result in the costly repair or replacement of the weeping field. By pumping out your septic tank every two years, the level of sludge is kept low. If allowed to build up, the sludge will enter the weeping field, plug the pipes, and prevent liquid from being absorbed. This can be a costly, time-consuming, and invasive problem. Pumping your septic tank regularly is good preventative maintenance and can save you money in the long run.

How Often Should My Septic Tank Be Pumped?

Usually once every two or three years, but depending on your tank size and water usage in your home, it may be more or less frequent.

What Can I Do To Keep My System Running Well?

Make sure the sludge is pumped out of your tank every two or three years. Harsh chemicals like paint solvents, thinners, and nail polish removers should never be poured down the drain. Bleach, sink and toilet cleaners, and drain openers are also harmful to the organisms in your tank that help breakdown bacteria. Diapers, feminine products, cigarette butts, condoms, and cotton swabs can cause blockages and should not be allowed into your system.

How Do I Find My Septic Tank?

Generally, a septic tank is a minimum of 5 to 15 feet from the home, in a direct line out from your sewage outlet pipe in the basement exiting the building. Tanks vary from 12 inches to 24 inches below the ground in most circumstances. About 95 percent of septic tanks have two cleanout access ports at either end, approximately 6 feet to 7 feet apart. Empty the primary and secondary chambers at each pumping to enable a thorough cleaning and inspection of your system.

I Am Moving To a Home With a Septic System. Is There Anything I Should Know?

We strongly recommend that the septic system be pumped out and inspected. Septic problems can cost several thousands of dollars to repair. Be informed before you buy.

How Do I Know If My System Is Not Working Properly?

There are several signs of a failing sceptic system. These include:

Sluggish or Gurgling Drains & Pipes | Plumbing Backups | Sewage Odour | Mushy Ground or Greener Grass Near Septic System